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Xbox One third-party headset support in the works, says Microsoft

Xbox One doesn't support current-gen peripherals, much to the dismay of anyone who has laid down £150-plus on Turtle Beaches. Microsoft has now issued a statement to say that it's currently looking at solutions to third-party headset use on its next-gen console.

Microsoft Australia sent Polygon the following statement on the matter:

"The Wireless Controller has been redesigned to allow for higher data transfer speed between the controller and the console. This also required creating a new expansion port design for headsets and future controller add-on devices which is different from a standard audio plug input.

"Xbox plans to develop solutions in the near future to allow consumers to connect many brands of wired gaming headsets to the Wireless Controller for gaming and chat audio."

Microsoft is also looking at an adapter solution that will allow Xbox 360 headsets to work on Xbox One. It followed confirmation that Xbox One consoles will not include headsets.

What do you make of the above? Is Microsoft taking a wrong step by effectively making people buy new peripherals and headsets going into next-gen? Are you pleased it is considering new options? Let us know below.

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