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Xbox One: public reaction will only be complete once product is on the shelf, says Spencer

Xbox One's reveal is not a sprint, and will play out across E3 2013, gamescom and TGS, Microsoft's Phil Spencer has suggested in a new interview. Public reaction and opinion can only be formed fully once the product is on retailer's shelves, he has said.

Speaking with Gamespot, Spencer said, “We always knew that our story would play out over time. And even now, I would say, this isn't a sprint. The platform launches this November; we've got more content to share.

“There are other means like Gamescom [and] TGS coming that will still continue to put a value [proposition] on what we're bringing to market. The reaction, I think, is complete when the product is on the shelf and it has a price and it has a content library and consumers vote.”

Xbox One will cost you $499 / £429 come November, and Microsoft's Don Mattrick has this morning said that people are imagining the negative aspects of the consoles ‘always-online’ authentication.

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Thanks IGN.

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