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Xbox One policies presently set in stone, but the brand is always adapting to trends

Microsoft Studios’ corporate vice president Phil Spencer has said the firm' 24-hour online authentication and game trading policies on Xbox One are for the moment "definitive" and fixed, but it will remain open-minded regarding future policies.

Speaking in an interview with CVG, Spencer said the firm wanted to make sure its policy isn't confusing anyone, so it set things in "black and white terms" last week.

"We will be as attentive to that feedback on Xbox One as we were through 360," he said. "So these systems evolve. We're a software company. If you think about the amount of times we changed the operating system on 360 - it was a number of times.

"But we wanted to set our policy as it is for Xbox One in clear terms so that there wasn't ambiguity in what our stance was. That was our intent."

Spencer went on to say Microsoft was "always listening to its fans," and even when they get angry and lash out at the firm, he doesn't take it personally.

"I say this, and I'm not trying to be pithy about it: I'll never get frustrated with fans of what we do, because they're very passionate about the games they play and the systems they purchase," he said.

"We're obviously trying to build games and a platform that people will love and invest their time and money in."

Xbox One is due in November.

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