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Xbox One needs simultaneous Japan launch to be successful, says Dynasty Warriors director

Dynasty Warriors director and industry veteran Atsushi Miyauchi has told Polygon at PAX Australia that Microsoft needs to launch Xbox One in Japan and North America simultaneously if it is to be successful in the Japanese market.

Speaking with the site Miyauchi said, "I think Microsoft gave up promoting and presenting the Xbox 360 in Japan, it didn't keep the momentum there. And if they can release the Xbox One as close as possible to [the] North American release date, I think that would make a really big difference this time around."

Miyauchi also shed light on an apparent lack of communication between Microsoft and Japanese studios regarding Xbox One's technical capabilities.

"Not a lot of information has come to the Japanese game developers. So I think at this point now we don't have much information until they make an official presentation to us; then [developers] would understand what they will be able to do."

He's also of the belief that the Xbox 360 was not successful in Japan because of brand loyalty to Sony and PS2.

Meanwhile Microsoft believes releasing Xbox One 'as is' would be difficult in Japan.

Also, Xbox one will be released in Japan during the second launch wave, and this November in the west.

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