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Xbox One DRM policy reversals "great news for gamers", says GameStop

GameStop is very, very pleased about Microsoft's decision to open the Xbox One to used games - and so are its shareholders.

"GameStop welcomes today's announcement from Microsoft about changes in functionality for its next-generation console, the Xbox One," a representative told Polygon.

"This is great news for gamers and we applaud Microsoft for understanding consumers and the importance of the pre-owned market."

Polygon also reports that the retail chain's stock price rose 6% in after-hours trading, after suffering several drops whenever gaming press breathed the words "blocks used games" in the lead up to the reveal of new consoles.

The Xbox One will use a similar disc-based system to the Xbox 360, Microsoft confirmed today, cutting a number of licensing features but also allowing users to share, trade and rent games. Oh, and it's going region-free.

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