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Xbox One Cloud Services to be "ubiquitous" and available in "all markets"

Microsoft expects its data centres to be able to provide decent Cloud Services support to all territories.

"Microsoft has data centres around the world, so Cloud Compute Services are not something that you should think about on a country-by-country basis," Microsoft's Jeff Henshaw told Ausgamers during a Q&A session at E3.

"We have deployed our data centres geographically so that they can service the load for categories of countries all around the world. So we have some of the best reach of any other company on the planet to be able to make sure that the Cloud Services that we offer are what we consider [to be] ubiquitous and will be available [to] all markets."

The question of where data centres are located is quite important both to Australians and New Zealanders, but also to North America, as geographic distance makes a heck of a difference to ping times.

Microsoft has said that cloud services gives the Xbox One unlimited processing power.

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