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Xbox Live's least played games revealed

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OXM has compiled a list outing the least played games on Live.

The list below is a measurement of activity by game in the space of about 30 minutes or so.

  • Smackdown vs. Raw
    14 players in 30 minutes.
  • FIFA 06: Road to World Cup
    One player in 30 minutes
  • F.E.A.R.
    Eight players in 20 minutes.
  • Tenchu Z
    Eight players in 30 minutes
  • World Championship Poker
    14 players in 10 minutes

A few more that apparently don't see much online action, sadly without stats:

  • Blitz The League
  • Dead or Alive Extreme 2
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance
  • World Championship Snooker

So there we are.

By Mike Bowden

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