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Xbox Live update: Warlords and Planets Under Attack hit XBLA this week

Microsoft's Major Nelson has spilled the beans on two new Xbox Live Arcade additions this week. The quirky strategy title Planets Under Attack, and a remake of Atari classic Warlords. Get details and screens below.

Earlier today Major Nelson tweeted that both games would hit Xbox Live this week.

First, Planets Under Attack sees warring factions fighting over a newly discovered galaxy rich in resources. It's a strategy title spread across 32 levels, boss battles, four-player multiplayer brawls and more. It boasts a cartoon art style and many game modes. Scroll down for images.

Next up is the remake of Atari 2600 classic Warlords. Like the original, it's a castle defence title set against a Medieval backdrop. It can be played solo or with up to four players as they sent minions out into the field, cast spells and more. Check out the screens below.

Both games are yet to receive pricing information. Stay tuned for our full Xbox 360 download update later in the week for the details.

Here are screens of both titles:

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