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Xbox 360: new UK marketing head touts 'Xbox entertainment on any device'

Microsoft has appointed a new UK marketing director. Harvey Eagle is the man in charge of Britain's Xbox 360 marketing activity, and he has teased Microsoft's grand plan for the future of the Xbox format. Namely, Xbox entertainment on every device.

The seeds of this direction are already out in the wild as SmartGlass functionality rolls out slowly, Windows phones come packed with Xbox functions and more. It raises questions about what form the Xbox 720 will take and of how connected it will be to other devices and services.

In a Microsoft statement, Harvey said of his appointment, "I'm privileged to join a team that has already achieved leadership position in a market where the competition is fierce and ever-changing.

"Every single person on the planet likes to be entertained. When you think of Xbox as an entertainment service that will show up on any device, you realise our journey has only just begun."

Microsoft's head of UK retail sales and marketing division, Jonathan Grimes added, “Harvey brings with him a wealth of experience and I'm very excited to have him join the Retail Sales and Marketing team to lead the IEB business, in what is going to be a very exciting time.

So Xbox entertainment on every device. What do you make of that readers? Let us know below.

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