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XBL Game with Fame hints at L4D Crash Course drop date?


When is L4D's Crash Course DLC hurtling onto our gaming systems? No one knows. But a recent Xbox Live Game with Fame announcement might be dropping hints about the DLC's drop date.

"If you're an Xbox LIVE Gold Member, and you want a chance to play the new Crash Course add-on for Left 4 Dead, send a friend request to the following Gamertag and be online half an hour before (5:30 P.M. Central Time) the Game with Fame session starts on Wednesday, September 23, at 6:00 P.M. CT," says the announcement.

September 23, eh? Granted, "a chance to play" seems to suggest that it might just be a preview event, but the DLC is supposed to be out before September ends, so anything later would be cutting it close.

We should mention, however, that - if you choose to partake of Crash Course as part of this promotion - you'll be staving off the zombpocalypse with pop-rock group Paramore.

Are we wrong in having our worlds turned upside-down by the idea that there's apparently audience overlap between teeny-bopper bands and Left 4 Dead? Seems like a bit of an odd mix to us.

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