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WSJ corrects $100M StarCraft II budget figure


The Wall street Journal has issued a correction on its StarCraft II story, which reported the game's budget at $100 million.

Turns out, the figure used referred to World of Warcraft instead.

Here's the full correction (via BigDowload)

Activision Blizzard Inc. hasn't disclosed development costs for its Starcraft II videogame. A July 16 Technology article about the Starcraft sequel incorrectly said the company spent more than $100 million to develop the game; that figure referred to its World of Warcraft game.

Last week, the newspaper quoted analysts who expected Blizzard to turn a profit of  several million on the game worldwide this year, despite the hefty budget.

Just a case of crossed wires, then.

Blizzard's response to VG247 over the report was it "never disclosed the development cost of StarCraft II", and for competitive reasons, it "will not do so".

StarCraft II is out July 27, and Blizzard has announced there will be no reviews of StarCraft 2 before the game's launch on Tuesday, until the BattleNet servers go live.

According to RPS, the lack of pre-release reviews is likely due to Blizzard "not wanting anybody to play the game without the full suite of BattleNet features".

Those who plan on ordering SCII digitally can download the game client now, and start pining for it over the weekend.

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