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World of Warcraft recruit-a-friend scheme turns you into a Nightwing

Blizzard has launched a new recruit-a-friend scheme for World of Warcraft. If you manage to lure a buddy into the wonderful world of subscription MMORPGs, you'll be rewarded with a pretty unusual mount: you.

The new scheme replaces one which gave players an X-53 Touring Rocket; this is no longer available, although you can keep any you have lying around. The new prize is an Obsidian Nightwing, which is some sort of badass panther thing which the player character doesn't ride so much as transform into. Then you can give your new buddy a lift. It's kind of beautiful, really.

In addition to this snazzy reward, you'll both get bonus experience if you group together, and if your mate decides to upgrade and buy a subscription, you'll get 30 days for free.

Sign your acquaintances lives away here. More details available via and a handy FAQ.

Thanks, Shack.

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