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World of Warcraft patch will let you switch sides for PvP encounters

World of Warcraft players sick of waiting for their chance to get in on PvP action will soon be offered a traitorous opportunity.


WoW PvP queues can be a real chore if one faction heavily outnumbers the other at a particular time.

Blizzard has come up with a clever solution. An upcoming patch will introduce PvP Mercenary recruiters, who sneakily infiltrate the opposing camps to offer you a chance to play for the other team - in disguise, of course.

"You’ll still earn all the same rewards you would have by winning or losing as your own faction (with the exception of faction-specific achievements)," Blizzard explained in a dev blog update.

"You’ll also have your race automatically changed into one appropriate for the opposite faction while you’re still inside the Battleground or Ashran. Perhaps most importantly, however, you’ll experience much shorter queue times, as our matchmaking system will be able to fill up groups much quicker."

Nice one, Blizzard.

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