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World of Warcraft Legion patch 7.3 Shadows of Argus takes us to another planet on a spaceship

What in the hell is happening in World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft patch 7.3 Shadows of Argus releases on August 29, and will be the last major patch for Legion - but not the end of the storyline.

We now know loads about it thanks to Blizzard's gamescom 2017 blowout this week: apparently, "the fel-scarred planet Argus looms in the skies overhead" and Azeroth's heroes are preparing for a final battle against the forces of the Legion, with the fate of the world in the hanging.

Argus was once home to a race called the eredar, who were enslaved by the fallen titan Saregeras. One of their leaders, Velen, managed to get a portion of the populace off-world with the help of the naaru - and eventually became the draenei, or "exiled ones". The Burning Legion swallowed Argus. So now we're going back there at Velen's behest, onboard a ship called Vindicaar.

Sure, why not! I love space! Let's go to space. Check out this story trailer to get you in the mood for Shadows of Argus:

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Each week after patch 7.3 drops, players will be able to explore new story content in the new region of Argus. Here's the schedule:

  • Week 1
    Begin the invasion of Argus and embark on an epic storyline beginning in Krokuun. Team up with the Army of the Light and take the fight to the very heart of the Legion in the Antoran Wastes. Gain access to new World Quests and Emissaries on Argus.
  • Week 2
    Finish the story of Krokuun and travel to the ruined draenei city of Mac’Aree. Gain access to Invasion Points and thwart the Burning Legion’s plans on other worlds. Additional World Quests in Mac’Aree are available along with access to Invasion Points.
  • Week 3
    Finish the Shadows of Argus storyline, unlock all World Quests, and venture into the new dungeon, the Seat of the Triumvirate. Activate your Netherlight Crucible on the Vindicaar to begin forging Relics.

Oh boy, I bet you're excited now. You're probably absolutely primed to view the prologue to the Shadows of Argus storyline, huh? Behold:

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So what will you actually find on Argus, the planet you have travelled to on the spaceship Vindicaar? For starters, the ship itself serves as a sort of hub or home base while you're in space, and you can gradually unlock services including an innkeeper, mailbox, profession trainers, portal to Dalaran, repairs, quest givers, vendors, the Vindicaar Matrix Core, Navigation Console and Netherlight Crucible as you adventure on the planet's surface.

Some of those things require explanations. The Netherlight Crucible is a forge for enhancing the relics on your Artifact weapon. The Navigation Console is a fast travel system. There's an Ethereal Vendor called Thaumaturge Vashreen who will trade you lvl 90 soulbound gear for your specialisation in return for Relinquished items. Finally, the Matrix Core grants players new powers as they complete Argus content. Here's the dealio:

  • Light’s Judgment
    This allows you to target and fire Light’s Judgment, the Vindicaar’s main weapon, while on Argus.
  • Lightforged Warframe
    This allows use of the Lightforged Warframe mechanized armor suit while on Argus.
  • Shroud of Arcane Echoes
    This allows the use of the Shroud of Arcane Echoes’ power, making you untargetable by enemies for a limited time while on Argus.
  • Fel Heart
    The Fel Heart of Argus allows you, when on Argus, to be brought back to life after taking fatal damage and continually heal while not in combat.

Players will encounter two new factions on Argus - the Army of the Light and Argussian Reach; they're both anti-Legion, obviously. New world quests and an emissary quest are on offer as players travel across Argus unlocking fast travel beacons.

More detail on all of the above can be found on Meanwhile, you probably want to know about the new dungeon and all that, huh? Well, have I got the video for you.

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Right! Does anyone have any further questions about World of Warcraft Legion patch 7.3 Shadows of Argus? Surely everything you could possibly want to know is detailed in the resources above. Please don't embarrass us all by making me try to work out what's going on.

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