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Here is a hill that is also an ass, complete with asshole, in World of Warcraft

This isn’t exactly the freshest or most relevant news and it certainly isn’t important or worth writing about, but there is a hill that is also an ass in World of Warcraft. I repeat: there is a hill that is also an ass in WoW.

It’s a bit of a mystery where the hill is located, but it is definitely a pair of icy buttocks, the small of a back, and there’s a deep chasm - presumably the actual asshole - going straight into the depths of the gooch. Why the gooch? Why not the gooch? Ask yourself that next time.

According to the Twitter user, the asshill resides somewhere in Dun Morogh in WoW Classic and it’s not the first instance of Blizzard’s environment designers being horny on main.

According to another poster, there’s a “floppy dick” in AQ, the Ahn'Qiraj raid, that’s “fun to hang around”. There’s also this map of Argus, where @WarcraftLinked handily circled a knob bridge for us:

On top of that important information, there’s another penis in the stones on a bridge in the Blood Elf starting area.

Anyway, don’t you feel much better now you’ve seen the icy butt hill? We’ve all played the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo and there’s not much else going on, so why not, eh? Why not write about an ass that is a hill?

Life is good. I’m making a positive contribution to society and my job is extremely important. If not for me, who would anyone even call a cuck on the internet? Exactly! This is my ass hill and I am dying on it.

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