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World of Diving releases first gameplay trailer

World of Diving, an Oculus Rift using multiplayer dive 'em-up currently looking for funding on IndieGoGo has released a gameplay trailer to tantalise you with visions of the life aquatic.

Watch on YouTube

With 16 days left to go, World of Diving has only made $14,895 of its modest $75,000 goal.

Although the footage is only in its prototypical form, the game already looks pretty immersive, with no abstract HUD elements visible. In order to figure out things like your depth, you'll have to pull the relevant tool out from your belt.

The game also supports making the 'OK' sign with your hands for Iron Brigade-esque multiplayer hijinks.

I'm going to stop watching though, because I think I saw a shark and that's not ok.

The game's incredibly silly pitch video can also be viewed on its Steam Greenlight page. Given the uncertain nature of its funding, the game doesn't yet have a release date .

Thanks, Rock Paper Shotgun.

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