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World of Darkness probably won't have daytime

CCP's vampire-centric World of Darkness will probably deal with the problem of daylight by banishing it altogether.

Although the MMO is still a long, long way from complete, with no details fully locked down as yet, senior producer Chris McDonough told Destructoid that it is likely to live up to its name.

"We went through a lot of iterations on that. At this point, we're pretty settled on it being permanent night," he said.

In World of Darkness, a classic role playing setting which went through a couple of reboots and produced a staggering amount of content, vampires cannot roam the world during daylight - which is kind of annoying from a gameplay perspective.

"It's called World of Darkness. It's a game about vampires," McDonough said.

"Ultimately, it became very convoluted and required a whole host of different systems that we felt was too complicated. People want to play their vampire and, you know, it's the World of Darkness. That's really what it's about. That's the mood and tone."

CCP did consider a number of alternatives, but ran into a lot of problems, according to McDonough.

"What could players do during the day? And how long did it last? When is it day and night, and for who? If it happens on a fixed schedule, does that mean that if I live in Russia, it's always day? Maybe it's always day time when I'm available to play, so I don't want to. Or maybe I have to play this other character because we have alternate characters during the day," he said.

World of Darkness is expected pretty much never at this point, as every time we talk about it too much CCP goes stubbornly silent. The publisher gave an update on the MMO during its recent FanFest event, with the take home message of 'it'll be a good while, don't get excited just yet, but also there won't be crafting'. The project was downscaled in early 2012 but still fronts a sizeable development team.

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