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World of Darkness license may be extended to other publishers

World of Darkness may technically belong to Paradox, but the publisher hasn't insisted on locking down the game rights.


When Paradox purchased White Wolf from CCP last month, out first thought was "Crusader Kings 2, only with vampires? Yes. Please."

Our second thought was "Oh no! Now we'll never see another single-player RPG like Bloodlines, or an MMO."

Turns out our second thoughts were wrong, and we will never trust them again. Speaking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, newly incumbent White Wolf CEO Tobias Sjögren confirmed that the RPG brand has been set up as a daughter company of sorts to Paradox, meaning it has the option to shop its licenses to other games companies.

"Like most publishers out there Paradox is specialised and does certain types of games better than anyone else. But if there is a publisher that is a better fit than Paradox for a product that White Wolf would like to license, we are definitely set to do the deal with that publisher," Sjögren said.

"White Wolf is here to do what is best for Exalted and World of Darkness and the fans who love these properties."

Well, that's excellent. The full interview is practically required reading for White Wolf fans, although Sjögren unfortunately can't commit to anything regarding the company's plans at this stage.

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