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World of Darkness still "very much in active development"

CCP has reiterated that its World of Darkness MMO is still an ongoing concern.

"As many of you know, last year was difficult for CCP, and many long-term employees and good friends lost their positions within our organization," senior producer Chris McDonough wrote in an open letter to the Mind's Eye Society, World of Darkness' premiere international player group.

"The company felt it had too many priorities and was trying to do too many things. World of Darkness is still very much in active development, but CCP as a company will be putting all of its efforts into making DUST 514 a revolutionary game and bringing it to market."

White Wolf, the company behind the World of Darkness RPG franchise, merged with CCP in 2006; McDonough reiterated the company's commitment to its players in the remainder of the letter, although CCP is unfortunately withdrawing some official support for major events, including the annual Masquerade.

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