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Former Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk devs are working on a first-person, online game set in Japan

The game doesn't have a name or a release date, but platforms have been confirmed.

A group of former Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 developers have formed a new studio, and are working on an online ninja game set in feudal Japan.

Dark Passenger, the name of the new studio, is led by Jakub Ben and Marcin Michalski, the former having worked as a cinematic artist on The Witcher 3, the latter an animator on Cyberpunk. As reported by PCGamesN, the studio's website describes it as being made up of "gamedev veterans and fresh blood specialists."

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While the name of the studio's first project hasn't been revealed yet, Dark Passenger has gone into some detail as to what the game will be like. "Our goal is to create highly exciting on-line experiences that are focused both on cooperation and rivalry," Dark Passenger describes the game.

"We’re fascinated by interpersonal interactions, alliances, daring confrontations and unexpected twists of events. In order to make every game unique and surprising, we’re using advanced, procedural solutions."

The game fill feature online multiplayer, which seemingly includes some kind of co-op, as well as PvP and PvE aspects. And it's being developed in Unreal Engine 5.

It sounds like an ambitious title too, describing its "locomotion system" allowing players to run on arrows fired by other players, or climbing up vertical surfaces quickly through the use of things like shuko claws.

The description goes on to name check things like katanas, wakizashi blades, shurikens and more as all weapons that players will have in their arsenal, which honestly mostly just sounds like them saying 'we know all about Japan and ninjas' than anything else.

This isn't helped when describing the world of the project, writing "The troubled time has come in the Land of the Cherry Blossom," which sure seems like a pretty weird way to describe a very real country.

The game is currently planned to release on Steam, the Epic Games Store, PS5, and Xbox Series X. But no release date has been confirmed at this point in time.

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