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From Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey's creators comes a Peter Pan movie in which Tinker Bell is, yes, addicted to heroin

And Peter Pan himself is a kidnapper, apparently.

Tinkerbell from Disney's Peter Pan looking at herself in a mirror, and a monstrous-like version of Peter Pan.
Image credit: Disney/ Jagged Edge Productions

The creators of Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey have shared some details on their Peter Pan movie, and uh, it sure sounds like it will be a movie.

Properties coming into the public domain is always a good thing, as we should always be striving to divest away from corporations that want to have total control over every IP there is. Earlier this year, the earliest version of Mickey Mouse went into public domain, and the day it did, a horror game was announced that quickly stirred up some controversy. Back when Winnie the Pooh went into public domain, we soon after got the horror adaptation Blood and Honey (which might have been inspired by Resident Evil 4). Now, those same people behind Blood and Honey are working on a Peter Pan horror film, and in an interview with Bloody Disgusting shared some first details and a sneak peak.

Scott Jeffery, director of Peter Pan's Neverland Nightmare, as the film is set to be called, told Bloody Disgusting that he is "taking inspiration from French cinema while in prep for this movie. The film will be incredibly tense following Wendy as she tries to track down her brother, Michael, who has been abducted by Peter Pan. I would say it’s a mesh between Switchblade Romance and The Black Phone with our own spin on it. It is a nasty, violent and incredibly dark movie."

Jeffery also shared that "Tinkerbell is not what you think. In our version she is hooked on heroin and convinced it’s Pixie Dust," which honestly just sounds way too edgy and try-hard, but it's not like this film is trying to be Citizen Kane or anything.

Apparently shooting for the project is set to start in May this year, with a Halloween 2024 release, so it won't be too long before we get to see a new take on an old character.

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