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Wildman is Gas Powered Games' "Project W"

Dungeon Siege, Age of Empires Online, Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander developer Gas Powered Games has unveiled its latest, crowd-funded action RPG, Wildman.

At the end of its countdown timer tease, Gas Powered Games launched a Kickstarter for Wildman, which it calls an "evolutionary" new action RPG.

The game is said to combine classic Diablo-esque gameplay with elements of realt time strategy

However, the tagline is also a bit of a pun, as Wildman casts the player as a primitive human, allowing them to journey through the development of the species by discovering new technology and exploring the world.

In its pitch video, Gas Powered Games enthused over its progression system, planned RPG and RTS elements, something called a "warzone", advanced enemy AI, the unusual visual direction, destructible environments and web-based mod tools.

Wildman is seeking $1,100,000 in funding; visit the funding hub on its website to check out alternate donation options if you're not keen on Kickstarter.

Gas Powered Games recently signed off on development of Age of Empires Online.

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