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Wii will outsell PS3 and 360 combined this year, says analyst

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More hilarious American statements, this time thanks to Daniel Ernst of Hudson Square Research. Apparently Wii's going to continue its domination of the home console market this year, to an almost ludicrous degree.

"With its strong slate of software scheduled for the coming year, we expect a material acceleration for the PS3 this year, but we believe the Wii will sell more than the PS3 and Xbox 360 combined this year," Ernst told Gamedaily.

For fiscal year 2008 (which ended this March), Sony sold 9 million PS3 units globally, Microsoft sold 9.5 million Xbox 360s and Nintendo sold 18.5 million Wiis. For fiscal year 2009 (ending next March), Ernst forecasts that Microsoft will sell 11.2 million units of the Xbox 360 worldwide, Sony will sell 12.5 million PS3s and Nintendo will sell 23 million Wiis.

More through the link.

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