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Wii U system software update out now, may take an hour

Nintendo has unleashed its second major system software update for Wii U, bringing a number of new features and improvements delivered via a hefty download.

Nintendo warned that the download could take up to an hour, and that's without install time. It's important that you do not switch off, unplug, reset or otherwise power down your console during the update, even if the progress bar stops moving at the beginning of the update.

That said, if you already have the update which was released in December, the Wii U should download the new firmware in the background, in which case you can power off using the Game Pad or console switches as normal. The update will start again when you switch back on. Don't unplug the console though, you ninny.

Wii U firmware version 3.0.0 U adds a standby function to download and install software while the system is powered off, and to change the priority of downloads.

You'll be able to transfer data between USB storage devices and manage data more easily by selecting multiple targets, and you can adjust the screen size to fit your TV.

MiiVerse now supports the Wii Remote, Wii U Pro Controller, and Classic Controller, and a couple of changes have been made to handwritten posts.

Purchases from the eShop will arrive with updates rather than requiring a second download, and the browser now supports the Wii Remote and Wii U Pro Controller. You can manually specify your search engine, too.

Nintendo has also made a bunch of "further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience".

Finally, the update adds the ability to load directly to the Wii menu by pressing B with the Wii U logo is displayed at start up. Full patch notes are available directly from Nintendo.

Thanks, Polygon.

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