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Wii U GamePad 'not a tablet, its a two-screen experience' - Reggie

Wii U's Gamepad is not a tablet, and is distinguishable in that it can do a lot of things that your average tablet cannot. That was the sentiment from Nintendo of America head Reggie Fils-Aime in a new interview with the NY Times.

Speaking with the NY Times, Fils-Aime explained, "The Wii U is not a tablet. It’s a two-screen experience. And so you have this unique GamePad that gives you a different way to have a gaming experience. We’ve got a range of different examples that we can show you."

"It’s everything from the three of us can be playing the game," he added, "and I’m using the GamePad to maybe try and attack you with a space ship. We’ve got an attraction called Metroid where literally I’m playing against the two of you, using a space ship trying to shoot you, you’re shooting up on the ground, so we’re playing the same game but having a fundamentally different experience and that all happens with the GamePad."

"So it’s a controller with this screen built in that allows us to create content that shows different ways to play together but have fundamentally different experiences," Fils-Aime stressed.

Fils-Aime was keen to point out the differences between tablets and the Wii U GamePad, and added, "Through our GamePad you’ll be able to surf the Internet — it comes with an Internet browser. You’ll be able to watch video content on it. So it will do many things that a stand-alone tablet can do, but in addition, because it’s connected and it’s integrated, our second screen can do a lot of things that a tablet can’t do."

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