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Wii U Game Pad calibration issues may be fixed "further down the road"

The Wii U Game Pad doesn't detect a sensor bar the way WiiMotes do, and thus continually forgets where the TV is - but Nintendo is looking for a solution.

Kotaku bailed up Shigeru Miyamoto about the problem.

"It's true that with some of the sensors that are used, there are limits to the precision they are able to measure. It becomes our role to look at how can we manage that or how can we make it so that the reclaibration becomes part of the gameplay. That's what we're going to be working on going forward," the Pikmin creator promised.

Miyamoto's later comments suggested we might see one of Nintendo's famous hardware revisions after launch.

"Of course, in terms of the cost of goods, if there comes a time further down the road where you're able to get much more precise sensors and you're able to bring those in at a cost that is not too expensive, there might be an opportunity to improve that," he said.

"But what we're doing is we're looking at bringing in the best technology we can within a cost that's affordable The rest of it is on us to ensure in the software that we're programming it in such a way to adapt for that."

The Wii U has not been dated or priced but is expected to launch this year.

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