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Wii U allows 12 registered user per console, multiple eShop licenses confirmed

Wii U's social features have been the key focus of this week's instalment of Nintendo Direct, and the web stream has confirmed that Nintendo's console will allow for twelve registered users per unit, and that downloaded eShop games will be playable across them all on just one license.

GAF forum members have translated the stream to learn that each Wii U console will allow for twelve user accounts, each with their own tethered save data, browser bookmarks and play history. If you buy an eShop game on any account, it will be playable by all registered users.

There are also plans to allow gamers to access their Nintendo Network ID details via PC and smartphones, and you use this ID to connect with other Wii U users directly, rather than resorting to the clunky Friend Code format of old.

What do you think of the ability to play download games across all accounts? Is this something Xbox Live needs? Let us know below.

Cheers Eurogamer.

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