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Sony sees Wii U as a "potential risk", but remains confident in 2012 content offerings

SCEE boss Jim Ryan has said he believes Wii U could be "a potential risk" to business for PS3, but in the end, there is enough content on the console to keep customers coming back.

Speaking with GI International during E3 last week, Ryan said in the end, it all boils down to which company offers the most content.

"[Wii U is] obviously a potential risk but we feel really good about our content," he said. "Obviously, it comes down to content. There are people who buy gadgets for the sake of the gadget, but that's pretty niche. We feel good about our line-up that we showed at E3. We're very excited about publishing it.

"We've got 30 million (hardware sales target) for this year, it's a big number but we've got the tools to go out and deliver that."

Ryan said with IPs in development such as Beyond: Two Souls and The Last of Us in addition to the "60 new titles coming to [Vita]," this year, he has faith consumers will stay focused on Sony's offerings.

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