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Wii sells half a million units in record breaking time – in Australia

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The Wii may very well be a fad, but did the Pet Rock* sell half a million units in a mere 84 weeks in Australia? Because according to Gamespot, that’s exactly what Nintendo’s waggle-powered console managed to do.

This positively smashes the record held by Sony’s PS2 and Nintendo’s DS, both of which hit the half-million milestone in 107 weeks.

But don’t think that has given Nintendo reason to hold its dual-screened handheld in low regard – quite the contrary, actually. Nintendo also announced that the DS has made a mad dash right past the 1.2 million mark, in addition to breaking the record for most consoles sold in a single week.

Check out the link for more information about the Australian videogame market, as well as a few newly announced Nintendo release dates.

*However strong the temptation may be, please don’t waste a few minutes of your life Googling this statistic. Cure cancer or something!

By Nathan Grayson

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