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Wii moves 2 million units in Australia within 47 months


Wii has sold 2 million units in Australia within 47 months, thanks in part to a price drop back in April.

According to Nintendo, this is a record, making it the fastest-selling console down under - a record previously held by DS which sold 2 million units in 52 months.

Earlier this year, Nintendo said Wii has sold 75.9 million units LtD since its release in 2006, with 70 million of those by April 2010. Nintendo estimates there's 10.8 million Wiis sitting in homes over in Japan,  35.9 million in the US, and 29.2 million in Europe and other territories.

Those in Australia looking to purchase a Wii are able to get it in either black or white with a copy of both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, along with a Wii Remote Plus as well as the Nunchuk for AU$299.95 (US$301.44).

Via Gamespot.

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