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Wicked Paradise is the first erotic game for the Oculus Rift

Wicked Paradise, the "world's first erotic VR game" is currently in development for the PC, to be used with the Oculus Rift, by a studio sharing the game's name.

Founded a few months ago by the Irvine based Jeroen Van den Bosch, who earlier this year was developing the game as Sinful Robot until his "main investor disappeared from the earth and froze all funding".

Working with a studio of eight, Bosch is looking to deliver a different experience from what most AAA produced games provide.

"I was always fascinated by the fact that we have hundreds of beautifully crafted shooter games but not a single well designed erotic video game. Sure there have been some attempts in the past, but they all have been ridiculously bad."

Of course, there are a lot of cringe inducing erotic games out there, but Bosch thinks a compelling narrative is what's holding the genre back from a wider appeal.

"The non-explicit sex scenes in Mass Effect are much more erotic than current available explicit adult video games. This is because you care about the characters in Mass Effect. A player will never feel very attracted to a virtual character if he or she doesn’t care."

In order to appeal to as wide of a player base as possible, Bosch is looking to utilise Telltale's episodic development model.

"We are actually going to deliver the games in episodic format, just like The Walking Dead game. So we will have different series offering different experiences. The initial series will be from a hetero male pov but we will also deliver series from a hetero female pov as well as series with LGBT themes."

Just as with everything else that's come out for the Oculus Rift so far, Bosch's game has been getting attention from some surprising places.

"One of the more unexpected comments I got was from the disabled community, where a caregiver said that these erotic VR experiences could be an amazing asset to help disabled people obtain a more exciting sex life."

Bosch is aiming to launch Wicked Paradise alongside the Oculus Rift's consumer model in 2014.

Thanks, Road to VR.

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