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Wheelman is a "great IP" for spring's "open launch window," says Ubi


Wheelman is "great," Ubisoft has told VG247 this morning, the new addition to the publisher's portfolio giving access to a relatively release-free period this spring.

The Vin Diesel tie-in was confirmed as a Ubisoft title yesterday, wrested as it was from Midway's dying grip.

"Ubisoft gets the benefit of a great IP during an open launch window in the spring," said a spokesman when asked why catching the game was a good deal for Ubi.

"As CEO Matt Booty said in the press release, Ubisoft has a proven expertise at bringing new IP to market, allowing us to reach a broader consumer segment with Wheelman, while helping Midway to balance the risk profile of our product portfolio."

The game's out for PC, 360 and PS3 on March 24. Bets are off on whether or not Midway can last that long.

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