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Ubi to publish other Midway games? Doesn't sound like it


Both Ubisoft and Midway have told VG247 today that overnight talk of Ubi scooping up more Midway licenses is far-fetched.

Ubisoft confirmed last week that it's to publish Midway's Wheelman in America, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Austria, Ireland and the UK.

"Our agreement with Midway is simply to publish Wheelman," said a Ubi rep this morning.

"That means we handle sales, distribution and marketing of the title. We have not announced any other agreement with Midway.

"Also I would like to underline that Midway retains the Wheelman IP."

Word reached us last night that Ubisoft had moved on all Midway rights, including those for Mortal Kombat.

A Midway rep told us today that he'd heard nothing to suggest the talk was true, and that European operations remained unaffected by the firm's recent filing for Chapter 11 in the US.

"We're still working hard on internal plans," he said. "There's no plans for us to stop delivering high-end products."

Privately, a separate Midway source described the rumour as both "absolute crap" and "complete bollocks". Just in case you weren't sure.

Wheelman releases on March 24.

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