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We're streaming Nioh - come watch us battle Yokai, probably get our butt kicked at least once

Nioh isn't easy, but we are unafraid. Mostly.

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Nioh is pretty hard, combining the unforgiving systems of Dark Souls with the ultra precise action of Ninja Gaiden. It's a marriage made in heaven, but depending on your reaction time, maybe one of those weddings where the bridesmaids cause a scene, someone's uncle throws up in the punch, the bride's dress catches on fire and you have a regrettable sexual encounter with someone who may or may not be your second cousin.

That's my personal fear, but Shabana's undaunted after a week of horror games, and has kicked a few Yokai butts in pre-release streams. Will Nioh get the better of her? Or will she succumb to the demons haunting feudal Japan?

Nah, she'll be right. How hard can Nioh be? You get a gun, right? Admittedly you also get guns in Bloodborne, which has been known to chew people up and spit them out in six or seven pieces... Plus there's a helpful Nioh boss guide right there on the front page so if worse comes to worst we can draw on our own resources like some sort of confused cannibal snake.

Anyway: Nioh, yeah? We're playing it, you're watching it, the conditions of the pact have been fulfilled.

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