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We're streaming Nioh again: come watch us juggle swords, debate the merits of magic and generally kick butt

Nioh gives you a lot of choices of weapons and skills. What should we take to face the yokai?

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Nioh is back for another streaming session as Shabana continues her fearless progress through Team Ninja's tough as nails action RPG.

At this stage in the game, options for skills and weapons are really opening up, and when I tuned in there was a bit of a debate going on with chat over what to invest in given Shabana's preferred playstyle, which is pretty aggressive. Nioh favours the bold, it's true, but that block button is worth figuring out.

When it comes to the really tough fights, we have a Nioh boss guide, which is some help - but like Dark Souls, you have to find an approach of your own to make the little strolls between boss fights manageable.

It seems like Nioh is a little less cheesey than the Souls series, which positively delights in letting you avoid face-to-face fights; Team Ninja is clearly very proud of its precise action. Has that been your experience?

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