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"We never intentionally make games for the Western market," says Team Ninja boss

Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi has told GamesTM that the developer never intentionally create games that will appeal to the Western market. Instead, it focuses on creating “interesting” titles.

“A lot of Japanese developers have been focusing on developing games designed to appeal to Western audiences, but most of them have failed,” said Hayashi (via NowGamer).

"It's a situation we understand but, for Team Ninja, we never intentionally make games for the Western market. We merely try to make interesting games. However, we don't want to be grounded as an exclusively Japanese developer."

However, Hayashi said Team Ninja would be "open for any collaboration," with other studios, but it would "depend very much on who the partner was."

“We'd need any partner to be enthusiastic about working with us," he said. "We wouldn't want to work with a partner company just because they were famous."

Team Ninja is currently working on Ninja Gaiden 3, which was announced during TGS last year, Dead or Alive: Dimensions and a collaboration with Kou Shibusawa on the samurai action game Ni-Oh.

Thanks, ScrawlFX.

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