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We finally have direct-feed gameplay footage of Crackdown 3, and it looks a bit tame

Your first proper look at Crackdown 3 gameplay may leave you a bit disappointed.

Despite being part of Microsoft's E3 2017 line-up, the publisher dedicated very little time to Crackdown 3 during its showcase. We didn't even get gameplay footage until days later, and it was all off-screen.

This rightly got people worried, and now that we have direct-feed gameplay, it looks like many of those worries are not without merit. The video below from YouTuber theRadBrad was sent to him by Microsoft, so the gameplay you're seeing is all b-roll.

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Regardless, it's a decent chunk of footage that shows plenty of trademark Crackdown action. There are orbs to collect, big jumps and ramps, and plenty of action rock launcher kills. Unfortunately, it all looks a bit flat, and not just because of its artstyle.

The video also drops a few frames here and there, which, assuming this is the game and not an issue with the capture, is strange considering the graphics aren't that stunning. It honestly looks like something that would have been excited last generation.

There's also a lack of destruction here, though Microsoft previously said it's keeping that for multiplayer.

Crackdown 3 is out November 7 on PC, and Xbox One.

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