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Watch us take on the massive Onryoki in our Nioh livestream

Want to know what all the fuss is about Nioh? Give our livestream a watch and find out.

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Today, Shabana will be coming into contact with Onryoki, a giant oni which is the first "proper boss". He’s an enormous demon that swings chain balls around. Sure, Derrick the Executioner is technically the first boss, but this guy Onryoki, well, this is not our kinda guy.

Tune in to see how she fares, as we've heard the game is rather hard.

Hopefully, she's given our Nioh tips page or our guide the once over, but she's a bit of a loose cannon. You never know with her, honestly.

Likely she'll be "freed from this mortal coil" more than once, we imagine. Anyway, wish Shabana luck.

Nioh is available now on PlayStation 4.

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