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Watch Dogs 2: where to find all unique vehicles

San Francisco is a big place. Let us help you find all 7 unique vehicles in Watch Dogs 2.


Watch Dogs 2 isn't short of vehicles that you can steal and thrash around it's generous map, and there's nothing more fun than stoking a car chase with the cops before hacking a bunch of obstacles and causing all kinds of mayhem.

But why do that in your standard vehicles, when you can track down 7 unique rides hidden across the map?

Here's a handy visual guide to finding them all. Once you have them they become automatically available in the Cars on Demand app, meaning you can call them in at any time during your adventures.

Wrecker - Muscle Car

Head over to the Port of Oakland where you'll see a forklift next to a bunch of stacked shipping containers. Hack the nearby camera to see the muscle car in an open container at the top of the pile. Now hack the car and drive it off the top of the stack to land at your feet. Sweet!

Mountain King - Off Road

Another one in Oakland, to the right of Lakeside Park on the map and near your HQ. There's an Auto Repair shop here with a forklift truck outside. The Mountain King is up the ramp behind the Auto Repair shop in a gated yard. You can either climb on the containers nearby and send the RV Jumper over the fence to hack the junction box, and then hack the gates into the yard. Or hack the forklift, drive it up to the gates and use it climb over into the yard. Either way, the Mountain King is now yours.

Flip Wagon - Standard Vehicle

This is on the block to the north of The Painted Ladies. Just head down an alley and on your right is a surprisingly nippy camper van. Good luck getting it out of there without scratching it.

Danger Mobile - Service Vehicle

Head on over to Yerba Buena Island. On the map you'll notice a building in the shape of a H. This is where the vehicle is, nestled between two buildings. It has green gas billowing out the back of it.

Ice Cube - Sports Car

At the top left of the map, look for a place called Kirby Grove. You can Fast Travel to a Motocross Race nearby if you want, or just drive. On the map you'll see a road to the left of Kirby Grove. It's a dirt track, which you should follow to the campsite, where you'll find the Ice Cube parked up next to a tent and a bloke strumming his guitar.

Rainbow Missile - Motorcycle

Head to San Mateo and you'll need to enter this restricted garden where you're looking for a little red scooter. There's only one guard, so cap her with the stun gun, physically hack the junction box to unlock the gate, and jump on the scooter to ride to freedom.

The Dangerzone - Sports Car

Head over to this block near the Nudle HQ and look for the SVNR building. Outside you'll see a small grate - the perfect size for your RV Jumper. Send the Jumper through the gate and down into the garage where you'll find a standard 4x4 vehicle. Take control of it and reverse it into the wooden panel, which will break to reveal a physical hack box. Use the RV to hack it and open the garage door. Then take the RV jumper out to open the main garage doors. You can now walk down to the garage level, and open the last remaining door, which will reveal The Dangerzone. Hit the highway.

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