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Watch Dogs 2 reveal: watch it here

Hack San Francisco in Ubisoft's new techno thriller.

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Watch Dogs 2 reveal: watch it here

Ubisoft will be revealing Watch Dogs 2 today. You may think you know all about it after the various leaks, but we're pretty sure you're going to see a lot more than a teaser and a release date.

Here's the time it goes live for your region:

  • 5 pm BST time
  • 6 pm CEST time
  • 9 am Pacific time
  • 12 pm Eastern time
  • 12 am East Asian time

The first 30 second trailer has already leaked after popping up online earlier today. And besides that, we already know a lot more about the game than we should.

Watch Dogs 2 will release November 15, and obviously has a number of special editions, priced up to $100.

The game features a brand new protagonist and this time is set in San Francisco. You can get a sneak peek at the new dude in this first leaked image.

The original game had its critics, but was Ubisoft testing the water with new IP on the PS4 and Xbox One. Despite criticisms, it managed to sell 4 million copies in its first week and shipped 8 million by July 2014.

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