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Washington youth blames games for inspiring violent crime

A 14 year-old who shot his parents with a pistol taken from his father's gun cabinet, leaving both injured and his mother stable but awaiting further surgery, has told police video games made him violent.

In a police report obtained by iFiberOne News, the youth reportedly said he had quit playing games because "he thought they were making him more violent".

His violent assault occurred an unspecified time after his enacted an electronics ban as a punishment, before which he says he played games "24/7".

The teenager is said to have been motivated to murder his parents by being told to do chores and play basketball on a Saturday. He allegedly has a history of poor behaviour and instability. Prosecutors have requested the 14 year-old be tried as an adult for two counts of attempted murder.

Peer-reviewed research consistently fails to discover any causative link between violence in media and behaviour, and the US vice president recently dismissed calls for a crackdown on violent games, preferring to back gun law reform.

Thanks, GamePolitics.

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