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Warzone 2 Uber drivers may be pulling up to an Al Mazrah street near you

Thanks to proximity chat and some player hijinks, you might be able to catch a ride.

Thanks to proximity chat in Warzone 2, players have started up their own in-game Uber service, carrying squads across Al Mazrah free of charge, granted they’ren ot shot on sight.

Examples include Reddit user Crescendummain, who posted one of their journeys on the Warzone Reddit earlier today. In their video (which has some harsh language in it, before you go and watch it), you can see a full squad of four jump on top of their buggy as they stick to the roads, ensure their companions stay safe, and make it to their destination in good time.

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This is all thanks to the new proximity voice chat feature in Warzone 2, which has allowed players who aren’t in the same squad to communicate with each other. With a few words and assurances of friendliness, Warzone 2 players have been finding new ways of interacting aside from shooting and stabbing. If you’ve got the game, give it a go, try having a friendly chat or some banter with those you run into right now.

There will be some, I’m sure, who cry out about collusion and how this could ruin solo playlists due to unfair collaboration. However, to them I say: ease it off, yeah? In-game Uber services are absolutely collusion, but who cares? It’s some daft fun that you rarely find in games aside from Rust and other titles, and it’s present in Warzone 2 which was already pretty good – even without the voice comms nonsense.

I can’t stress how much this opens up the possibility for player interaction, the like we see in the wildest of social games. It’s the sort of thing recent metaverse games have tried to reproduce, but have largely failed thanks to the lack of an actually good game behind it. With Warzone 2, you can jump in and go for a win, or you can be an Uber Driver, or who knows what else? It's all part of the fun, and isn't that what games are about?

Either way, it’s the first of what is sure to be an ongoing trend of Warzone 2 players messing around with voice comms in creative ways. We can’t wait to see what comes from the collective mind of the Warzone community in the coming weeks.

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