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WAR's Land of the Dead detailed


In an interview with EG yesterday, Warhammer Online's executive producer Jeff Hickman and creative director Paul Barnett spoke at length about the forthcoming Land of the Dead zone in Warhammer Online.

Part of the Call to Arms live expansion, LotD will feature loads of stuff to do and various ways to get booty. It'll be opened by "a race for access between the Order and Destruction factions," apparently. Watch your step mind: once you're inside you're always open to attack from players of the other faction - even when in instances.

"Tomb Kings, or The Land of the Dead, is a massive zone which is broken up into two parts - The Necropolis and the Tomb of the Vulture Lord," said Hickman.

"It is RVR-gated. In other words, each realm must fight for ownership and the dungeon is expected to change hands nightly. It is full of new and interesting Public Quests, new lairs, refreshing game mechanics, new rewards and loot and generally awesome new stuff."

"It is the ultimate sandbox zone," added Barnett. "Many of the great things from Darkness Falls will be built upon. Tokens, other loot methods, wide level range, and the thrill of your enemy always breathing down your back. Lots of opportunities for RVR within the dungeon itself."

"You can be attacked anywhere in the Land of the Dead," said Hickman. "There is a huge open-world area, but also some instanced areas. In any of these areas, your enemy can hunt you down and fight you (as long as they gain control of the dungeon while you are in it). Even the instances are not safe."

Sounds excellent. Hand on our heart, we think it does.

More through the link.

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