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Warhammer Online servers closing, transfers offered

EA is tightening Warhammer Online's plus-one-against-ogres belt, with one European and two North American servers facing shutdown.

Free transfers to existing servers are being offered to current players, according to an announcement on the Warhammer Online website, with the closures described as designed to "enable players to experience more action during all hours".

On the US side, Iron Rock and Volkmar dwellers will both be eligible for transfer to Gorfang, which will have multi-realm switched on, allowing Order and Chaos players simultaneously.

The German server Carroburg will be folded into Drakenwald, likewise made multi-realm.

Transfers become available on February 9, when Iron Rock, Volkmar and Carroburg will become legacy servers, disallowing new sign ups. After three weeks, all three will be disabled.

Thanks, Massively.

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