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Warriors Orochi 3 release delayed

The PAL territory and US releases of Warriors Orochi 3 have both been pushed back by a week.

Siliconera reports the US launch has been rescheduled from March 20 to March 27.

In Europe, Australia and beyond, a March 30 launch has been delayed to April 6. No explanation was given for the delay.

The crossover title has already seen launch complications in both regions. In the UK, Tecmo Koei has pulled the hack and slasher from GAME and Gamestation stores, and in the US, the PlayStation 3 version will only be available via download.

Warriors Orochi 3 - called Warriors Orochi 2 in Japan - follows its precursors by including the cast of both Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, but also includes a number of original characters and guests from Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive, Zill'Oll and Bladestorm. It has the largest roster of any Warriors release to date.

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