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Quick Shots - Warriors Orochi 3 screens show unaffiliated characters

Warriors Orochi 3 has more characters than any game in the Warriors franchise before it - check out the newest faces.

Omega Force has packed in a new bunch of mythologically-inspired characters in addition to guest characters from other Koei Tecmo games like Ninja Gaiden's Ryu and Bladestorm's Jeanne d'Arc - and, of course, the core casts from Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors.

Warriors Orochi 3, confusingly titled Warriors Orochi 2 in Japan (don't ask), is due at the end of March on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but in the US, the PS3 version will be download only due to Sony's restrictions on non-English voice acting. You can still import a physical copy though, as the PS3 is region-free.

The latest game in Omega Force's prolific hack-and-slash series is Vita launch title Dynasty Warriors Next.

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