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Warriors Orochi 3 EU, US release date set for March

Tecmo Koei is bringing Warriors Orochi 3 to the west on both platforms, pretty much winning my heart forever and ever.

Warriors Orochi 3 is now expected on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 20 in the US, and March 30 in Europe. The localisation was confirmed last week, but was dated and detailed overnight.

The English-language release retains a custom scenario editor, which allows players to create, share and rate new versions of battles. Any completed level can be fiddled with, switching characters in and out, changing dialogue, and adding new events collected from the campaign.

Split-screen co-op is available on all stages, as well as two-player online co-op in both Story and Free mode, although you'll need to beat a stage once before you can call for friends to join you.

The three-character tag team play which is the cross-over's conceit returns, but has been jazzed up with new combat elements, including dash attacks, an upgraded triple attack, and a new character category - Wonder, which relies on spirit charges.

As previously detailed, Warriors Oorochi 3 contains the largest cast of the sprawling franchise to date, with the full Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors cast as the centrepiece, joined by new original characters and guests from Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, Bladestorm, and Zill O'll.

This will be the first Warriors Orochi game to release on PlayStation 3 outside of Japan; the first two titles were released on PS2, but were collated for PS3 and PC under the title Warriors Orochi Z, which sadly never made it to localisation.

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