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Warframe gets a exciting new twist on survival with Lua's Prey

Rewards include the 51st Warframe, which is obviously a must-have for collectors and build-monsters alike.

Warframe is set to receive a selection of new survival missions alongside the 51st warframe: Voruna.

These missions, which both take place on Lua to those who have completed The War Within Quest, are a spin on the usual format. As with the typical survival missions, players have to maintain life support over time. However, with these Thrax enemies will spawn with each successful round, depleting life support and only killable with Necramechs.

You can check out the Warframe Veilbreakers trailer here!

There’s more to make these missions special too. On top of the Thrax enemies, spectral Dax Soldiers will spawn and make their way towards life support machines. They send out an aura as they approach, which provides several boons to players who stand inside them.

But the real prize is of course the new Warframe: Voruna. This can either be instantly unlocked when the Lua’s Prey update launches on November 30, or earned in game through collecting their parts.

This Warframe was co-designed with Joe Madureira of Airship Syndicate and Darksiders fame. That studio may sound familiar, it’s the developers of an as-of-yet unannounced MMO being publisher by Digital Extremes.

The Werewolf Warframe has been long requested and much-hyped over the past years, finally being revealed relatively recently as part of Warframe's anniversary event. With it finally coming to the game, players are able to cross over one of those dream frame designs off their bucket list.

Will you be checking out this update? Let us know below!

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