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Warface updated with new versus and co-op modes

Crytek has updated its free online shooter Warface with new game modes.


One is Domination Versus Mode where players will need to defeat enemies while defending three different positions on the map. Securing the point for a set period wil make players victorious, but the pressure will wear on them as the minutes click by.

Domination Mode will debut on the new SubZero Versus map.

The other new addition is the Marathon Survival Mode, which hails the return of the three original maps from the game's Siberia setting. In this mode, players will need to "outlast and outgun" the enemy all the while completing the Operation Cold Peak Co-op campaign in one continuous level.

There's also Spearhead, were waved of Blackwood operatives need to be fought off as players attempt to hack into a console in order to steal enemy intelligence.

For more information on the content update, head over to the Warface website.

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