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First map in Operation Cold Peak co-op setting hits Warface on PC

The first map in the Operation Cold Peak co-op setting releases for Warface today on PC.

Called Spearhead, the map introduces new enemies, new tactical options and a wintry battleground where players will need to secure a central position and recover classified intelligence.

Waves of attackers will need to be fought as they are dropped into the area by combat helicopter, and Blackwood operatives are equipped with jet packs.

Secondary objectives can also be included which will earn players in-game currency.

Spearhead is the first of three new maps included in the Operation Cold Peak. The second and third additions – Ambush and Zenith – are coming soon.

Crytek announced earlier this week it would no longer support the Xbox 360 edition of the free-to-play online shooter, and hopes players will move over to the PC version which can be downloaded via Steam.

The game will be removed from Xbox 360 in February.

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